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Top 5 Best Washing Machines Under 10000 in India (2020)

Best Washing Machines Under 10000Our inbox was flooded with the request of a brand new post on the best washing machines under 10000 in India 2020. People were constantly asking a guide on the basis of performance and quality. Today, we have decided to come up with a detailed guide and to nail the issue once and for all.

We have selected the top most powerful washing machines under 10000 in India on the basis of RPM, Build quality, Capacity and other bells and whistles.

Here in India, we experience the poorest customer care facilities, we place an order, get the product at door, but the installation guy visit after weeks. After-sale services are one of the prominent aspects of hefty products. One must count this aspect very high as sometimes the washing machine gets damaged or hurl problems after a couple of years of use.

It is immensely difficult to conclude a product for the final purchase. You might fall for the looks and come out with an average performing washer. So, it is ideal to read out before purchasing the semi-automatic washing machine and literally know which brand to go for. We have chosen the semi-automatic washing machine on the list. In the semi-automatic world, Panasonic, Samsung, LG Intex, and Whirlpool are ranking very high.

The list of top semi-automatic washing machines has compiled after days of research. All enlisted semi-automatic washing machines offer a great value to the price. These washing machines as per our thinking would not let you down and offer optimal experience. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Best Washing Machines Under 10000 in India 2020:

LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Spin Speed: 1350 rpm
  • Wash Program: 3
  • Warranty:  2 years
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Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  • Spin Speed: 1450 rpm
  • Wash Program: 3
  • Warranty:  2 years
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  • Spin Speed: 1000 rpm
  • Wash Program: 3
  • Warranty:  2 years
Check Price
  • Spin Speed: 720 rpm
  • Wash Program: 2
  • Warranty:  1 years
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Haier-7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading

Haier 7.2 KG
  • Spin Speed: 1300 rpm
  • Wash Program: 2
  • Warranty:  2 years
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Best Washing Machines Under 10000

1. LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineLG the most known brand across the world has finally decided to come up with some of the finest tuned product of it. LG is a South Korean brand with dozens of top-line electronics famous products on their chest.

The brand has really crafted the splendid washers in the market. If you see here in India, LG semi-automatic machines are the most sold products.

The after-sale feature of the brand is something people value immensely. This may be the reason, the product seems little over-priced.

The overall build of the washer is impeccable; the strong durable built body offers a longer life-span than the rivals. The washer has dryer and washer divided on the right and left-hand side respectively with 4 control knobs on the front to choose the desired wash type.

LG 6.5 kg washing machine displays 3 different types of washing programs, akin most of the semi-automatic washing machine. You can have a gentle, medium and hard wash as per your laundry conditions and type.

The washing machine is adorned and powered with a 360W motor which products 1350 rpm spin cycle the perfect to dry your laundry the fastest way.

You know in most of the semi-automatic washing machine, we witness a roller jet Pulsator washing method. This is an internationally recognized method to washes the hard stain laundry; it added some extra friction to remove the dust and stubborn laundry from the corner of the clothes.

You can have any hard laundry here; can add towels, curtains, etc. which are difficult to deal in other washing machines. The LG backs its product for complete two years; any damage to the product’s motor can be claimed within this span.

The best after-sale network of the brand in India is something the user sought. In a nutshell, it is a great addition in the line and our top selection in the list of 1000 washing machines.

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LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

2. Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineA good washing machine with impeccable power performance and bigger tub size can fill the bills for larger families. For a larger 4,5 member family, it becomes hard to deal with the laundry for a smaller tub holding washer.

Whirlpool 7KG Washing machine is something really an exception in the market. The aesthetics, power performance, RPM and after-sale services all are just perfect.

Whirlpool 7 kg washing machine rpm speed lies at 1450 which is quite high if we look at the other enlisted product. If you deal with lots of laundry in one day, you just need to dig for a washer which could really go through that much of laundry.

The machine features a gold-standard powerful motor that rotates the machine with the speed requires. The drying speed of the machine is something we must value; having the dryer of this performance would make us drying the laundry within minutes.

The machine uses impeller washing technology to wash the clothes and to move the tub features three regular wash programs. One can wash any type of clothes having this machine onboard, the hardest one you imagine.

The machine comes with 2 years motor and other numerous components warranty, if you see any damage to any of the hardcore component, claim it. The after-sale services of the Whirlpool are exceptional, it falls the same as LG.

If you really in need to have a washing machine under this price range, it would be ideal to have this featured product, the powerful beast.

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Whirlpool 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

3. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Auto Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewWhen we look at the washing machine world, LG products are ruling. We see LG washers are the most sold products online and offline. But, the latest Samsung 7.2 Kg washing machine is really giving a tough time to the LG products in various departments.

The Samsung washer looks sober and is equipped with state of the art technology. Here you see every problem is nailed down following an out of the box method.

The pricing of LG and Samsung are almost the same and both offer sturdy built with impeccable power size. The network of Samsung is limited as of now in India; still, you will have a better after-sale service in India. The machine houses a sleek design, sober to the eyes and long-lasting body.

Instead of featuring a simple lid, Samsung has done a fantastic job of designing a different lid. They call it EZ Wash tray to help rinse, scrub and wash the clothes manually standing against the semi-automatic washing machine. Thanks for the design and its manufacturing what helps the user to manually do the tasks without thinking much of repeating the wash cycle.

The Knob on the top of the machine houses a unique design and showcases a different look. Rather than displaying a boring and circular design, you see the machine adopting the latest modern ways to stand out in the crowd.

You can use those knobs for washing the clothes, drying them and choosing the desired washing program. The machine also embedded with the big wheels at the bottom, which helps it to move from one corner to the other.

The air turbo dry system makes you get the clothes dryer within minutes after the washing. The machine’s greater tub size fits the needs of bigger families and you would not be spending all day long in washing your laundry.

The machine features 1000 rpm spin speed, and five years motor warranty. For other main components, you see the biggest electronics and electrical home appliance manufacturing company backs for two years.

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Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

4. Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewPanasonic is not really notable in manufacturing washing machines. This Japanese leading brand has come a long way to reach this milestone. The brand established in 1918 and from the first day they literally adopted quality as a brand mark.

Their home appliances products become the first choice among first-world countries. Now, you see this coming in the washing machine world and ignited this journey none-other than India, one of the biggest populations in the world, and comparatively an easy market.

Panasonic 6.5 kg washing machine extremely fine and falls right on every criterion of a speed washer. The machine is equipped with extra bells and whistles and displays a sober look.

This would not let you down in the end, about power and performance. This is known as one of the best washing machine sold online on Flipkart with the best ratings. The front lid of the machine is translucent and come in red aesthetics, the Panasonic leading product looks amazing, the color combination is awesome.

The washer comes with controls, which makes you control the various function running. The power knob, Drying cycle, and two basic wash programs to customize your wash, the knobs of it come with Chrome finishing.

The machine’s build quality is awesome; it withstands wear and tear and comes with an Auto Soak option to let you soak the clothes before kick-starting actual washing.

This comes with a one-year limited warranty, a glaring downside and can be problematic for long-runners. At least the motor warranty must have expanded up to 3 years, as the motor is the core part of the machine and entire functions depend upon it.

The machine features 720 rpm, literally a poor speed to go with. This will take more time to get the clothes dryer to compare to other enlisted. The unique soak feature is something that makes the machine stands out in the massive crowd.

Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

5. Haier 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Haier-7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top LoadingHaier is the finest brand working in India particularly in the washing machines world. The machine features some of the most advanced technology to offer you a comfortable experience.

This semi-automatic 7.2KG washing machine fits the bill for a medium-size family and takes away all hardships and makes the washing a joyful experience.

The Haier 7.2 KG washer features 1300 rpm rotational speed, ensures speedy drying of the laundry. Other than fast drying, you get two basic wash programs that help to wash every type of fabric without any hiccup.

I must say the price of this Haier front-runner is the amazing and currently on sale; this is the finest washing machine you can grab under 10k in India.

The Haier backs this home appliance product five-years in motor warranty and 2 years for a comprehensive warranty on the product. if you were looking for a top-notch washer, with splendid power performance and wash functions, along with less-expensive feature, this is the washer for you.

The Haier 7.2KG washer features an in-house top spinner that helps drain water thoroughly. With the integration of waterfall technology, this machine ensures the hardest clothes to wash away with 100 percent certainty. You see the lint-collector add-on, strongly built quality, softfall technology, rust-free body and buzzer makes it one of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India.

Intex 6.2 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Haier-7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

What is the core difference between semi-automatic machines and fully-automatic machines?

Semi-automatic and fully-automatic are the two primary types of washers we use in our day-to-day life. They own various advantages and disadvantages and it really depends on your necessities and economic conditions.

The Semi-automatic washing machines come with two different tubs for washing and drying. While the fully automatic features one tub, drying and washing in one segment.

Yes, semi-automatic is less expensive and people living in India can afford them without any big hiccup. The average cost of a semi-automatic washing machine would not exceed 10,000 Rs.

They need less supply of water and one can make them processing at any water level available. They are easy to operate and you can open the lid in the mid-way of the cycle. You cannot expect to do these in a fully automatic machine, an entirely different world in simple words.

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How much RPM is good for a semi-automatic washer?

Whenever you step out for buying a semi-automatic washer, you must look at the rpm range. The rpm (revolutions per minutes) measures the number of revolutions the machine is taking under a one-minute time span.

The higher the rpm stands, the faster the machine will dry the laundry. For a machine below 10000 semi-automatic washer, 1000-1600 rpm is must have.

The Final Thought

Semi-Automatic washing machines are one of the most used gadgets in the household. This home appliance handles one of the most hectic jobs needed to do in a home. They come at a price and one cannot afford to buy them once in a month or year.

So, you better aware of the consequences you may face if you purchase a low-profile product for a family. I tried my best to fetch out the finest washer available in the market under this price tag.

I checked hundreds of washer, and listed-out five best among all of them, these are the perfect washers and handle any type of laundry work in a home.

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