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Bosch 7 KG Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

It’s globally known fact that German engineering and products are best in the world. Not only in durability but, the quality of products, aesthetics, and features. The product what we are going to review about is German made product by Bosch. This is a globally known German company famous owing to its front-runner home appliances products. This brand has products durable products which are the top-ranked on the biggest shopping portal Amazon.

In India, this Bosch may be a new brand as we here have been using vastly Samsung and LG products in the kitchen and home appliances. Bosch 7 KG fully automatic front-loading washing machine is a proud product by Bosch. This product features dozens of useful functions. This product comes with a strong and good built housing, amazing finishing, full electronics control with LED display.

It’s a most astonishing feature without a single doubt would be Vario drum. The drum has been made to be tough on oily stains and delicate on your clothes. Let’s talk about this amazing fully automatic washing machine briefly, and discuss the key features and other specs of it.

Key Features

  • Automatic adjustment of water sensing your laundry quantity
  • Active vibration design to make it noise proof
  • Amazingly designed Vario drum
  • It reduces your wash time
  • Childcare lock
  • Work on low water pressure
  • It allows you to open the door of the machine and add more laundry before washing cycle gets completed.
  • Bigger drum size compare to the load capacity
  • Automatic voltage fluctuation
  • Built-in Geezer
  • Low noise level
  • Optimized water inflow
  • Allergy plus feature
  • Quick wash programs


This Bosch washing machine has superb design without any doubt.  You will love the aesthetic look of the fully automatic front-door washing machine. It comes equipped with bundles of features such as LCD display, 15 different wash programs, which could be controlled using the dials. The dial use has given the machine a superb display.

The Bosch has given so many wash programs with functions that you amazed to see this much within a single washing machine. The Hygiene features, the childcare lock, noise reduction and much more have given this machine full notch functionality. You see this taking over the other machine zone rapidly and no one should be amazed to see this.


With this ample number of features and functions, this machine has been produced to outperform others in every rank. You see its VoltCheck feature, which senses the voltages and switch the machine cycle accordingly. The efficient dryer or spinner of the machine takes care of the drying very much. Especially when you see in Monsoon weather when the clothes do not dry completely, you need to switch to the monsoon program in the weather and get the optimum level performance from the machine.

The Bosch products come with active water protection feature which means it adjusted the water automatically by viewing the laundry count. Let’s have detailed features and see the other advanced features of Bosch front loading fully automatic washing machine.


We see handful of features in the leading Bosch 7 Kg washing machine. Let’s see all one by one.


This feature is very helpful when your siblings are concerns about the noise of the washing machines. We had been experiencing very terrible washing machine noises, and it seems like some nightmare. In the early morning when others are sleeping, you cannot just turn on the washing machine to wash the clothes, as the noise will make them uncomfortable. The anti-vibration feature of the machine lowers down the noise productions and ensures greater stability. It seems more like listening to the songs while putting on the headphones.


The built and design of the inner drum is unique. It has been crafted in a way to take care of the delicate clothes from the core. You see this design being tough on the harsh and difficult stains and being gentle on your delicate clothes. You can have this on to wash the gentle clothes which were forbidden to wash using the washing machine.

Quick Wash

Are you running out of the time, and needed to attend an important meeting before needed your shirts washed? Let’s use the quick wash program of the Bosch built washing machine it makes you washes your laundry in 15 minutes or less.

Power Fluctuations

This washing machine has been built to sync with the active voltage measures. This senses the active coming voltages and changing the cycles as per the received voltage with zero fluctuations.

Bigger Drum Size

I have not seen this large size of the drum in any leading washing machines. The company has done well and shown generosity by proving the largest drum size in the industry.

Child Protection

You have no need to worry about little toddlers who got the built-in sense to teas anything around. The child lock feature will turn the machine off if the lid or anything like is opened, you see an alarm and you better get to see the real-time happenings.

Water pressure

Our region of the world is seeing water scarcity. We are heading fast towards severe water crisis, so better deal with it wisely. The machine helps you to waste less water in getting the clothes washed.

The machine would not just drain the water with one wash. This takes the best use of the available water and rinses out with the same water. The machine also adjusted the water as per the number of clothes. If it sees the less number of laundry is been put to get washed, it will set the volume with this.

The Reload Function

The machine comes with a reload function. This means if you need to put some more laundry but the machine has entered into the cycle, still, you can pause it and put the laundry without any issue. The other machine would not allow you to stop the cycle, the cycle gets completed automatically and you get dry clothes

The Final Thought

On a serious note, I have not seen this much of features in a one washing machine. This washing machine checks all the right boxes and fall right on your criteria of a washing machine. This comes with dozens of features; you would enjoy all integrated features.

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