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Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

I want to ask a simple question? How do you take a fully-automatic washing machine? They are meant to provide fully automatic control to get our laundry cleaned? I have seen much so-called fully-automatic washing machines with some manual control as well. Those machines are in the Indian market only, and spoiling the fully-automatic featured washing machine name.

The washing machine what we are reviewing today is in the genuine form a fully-automatic machine. Here, you use only one tub to wash and dry the clothes. You can view the cycles running and spinning through the tempered glass. The glass is resistible, leaves no marks, withstand pressure and weight. Let’s have some more light on Haier front-runner fully automatic washing machine and see what this has to offer out of the box.

Key Features

  • Load capacity 5.8KG
  • Comes with big two-directional wheels
  • Integrated handy plastic inward jacks to control and move the machine
  • Faster drying than competitors
  • It offers six different wash programs to customize washing
  • Quick wash functions provide quick job done.
  • The digital display to control the various functions
  • Multipurpose spin tub to wash and clean the laundry
  • Quadra flow Pulsator to gently wash the clothes
  • Fuzzy Logic control measure the load and allows the functions processed


If we see the overall design there are some downsides. You can say the finish of the washing machine could have been better. The wheels sometimes get jammed and refused to move in any directions and we manually get it pushed in one direction. Overall, build-quality and edge-to-edge design are great.

The design department did a great job overall. We see a catchy looking digital display, the moving wheels are there, and the tempered glass resists the scratches. The white color of the machine displays a different and sober look, you see a stainless steel inner spin tub to wash and dry the clothes at greater speed.


If you ask me the performance of the machine, with a little hesitation I would say, I did not expect this level performance at this price range. I was expecting something cheaply with good looks; here in Indian culture the looks matter more than the actual performance. While after using this and getting the laundry washed, I am awestruck. This is just a mind-blowing machine produces the ultimate result in the shortest time.

I noticed with few numbers of clothes, you get washing and drying in less than 10 minutes, I can bet no other top brand would produce results in this less amount of time.


Yes, Haier fully automatic machine has the features what the rivals lack of. Just have a birds-eye-view of the features before moving to actual purchase.

Six Wash Programs

This may be a normal feature for a fully-automatic machine, but the performance and results of the machine offering these six wash programs are different. You get standard, quick wash, jeans, wash, gentle and Spin feature here. The machine takes the right use of full water spray and gives you results what other only dreams. The other controls are Spin speed, rinse cycle, rinse and spin and drain.

Multi-purpose Washing and Spinning Tube

You see the spinning tube taking the actual job done. You see special Hole size of the inner tube. This special size made, saves your expensive clothes tangling in the holes and tearing apart. This makes them to actually remain in the inner stainless steel tub and all dirt washed away.

You use the same tub to get the dresses drying. The drying cycle of the machine helps you to get even the hardest material clothes dried in the least amount of time.

Affordable Price

I feel no hesitation in declaring it the most affordable fully automatic washing machine with a good brand name. This produces minimal noise, and you do not notice it much while getting the clothes cleaned.

Control Panel

The control panel is really something to cherish. Here you see the latest updates about the washing and you can see the total time required for a specific task and remaining time to get it completed. The touch controls are handy, you see them functioning with a light tap.

Quick Wash Feature

I loved the quick wash feature, which makes you to just instantly clean the laundry in eye-blinking. You just put them in the tub, and within no time get they washed. You even can schedule your wash of the clothes for a later time, so that you could wash the clothes at your convenience.

Automatic Measuring of Load

Automatic measuring of the load or fuzzy logical makes you not to put weight more than 5.8KG. If you already have put the load and turned the machine on later, it will tell you to take some laundry off to function it.

The Final Thought

I did not see this level of performance in this price range ever. You are going to take an hands-down steal at your home. Grab the opportunity of having a fully-automatic washing machine with bundles of features in this affordable price range.

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