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IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Do you want to grab the best 8KG fully-automatic machine? What is your thought on IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic front-loading washing machine? I think you would say “It’s a new brand, how can we put this much money on such a brand” Yes, IFB is a new brand, coming with better home-appliances in the international market. This brand is newer compare the LG, Samsung and other top-runner.

I think the positive side and edge of this product would be it’s being unknown and anew. As brands, most of the time charge the double due to obvious reasons. The new products had to make a new customer; they lure them with out of the box solutions and less prices. Here we are today with the 8KG IFB fully automatic front-loading washing machine and see what has to offer.

Key Features

  • Air Bubble Float System
  • Six washing programs
  • Crescent moon protects laundry touching the real drums
  • Aqua Energie support for warm water producing
  • Beautifully designed digital control or LCD
  • 3D Wash system
  • Ball valve technology to saves your detergents emitting out
  • Special silk treatment washing
  • Voltage integrated protections
  • Put in the laundry after the wash cycle ignited
  • The auto balance laundry system
  • Impressive design
  • Gentle wash cleaning
  • Child safety feature


Being the new brand in the washing machine world, we never expected a good design. We were expecting an average looking design with some average features and functions. I think IFB did a fantastic job in coming up with this splendidly designed fully-automatic washing machine. The build quality is impressive, the LCD display is over the roof and the features indulge in this deserves accolades.


The machine has all possible features which make it the best product. You see 8KG capacity can fill the bills for a large family. It’s a durable product with a stainless steel tub the rust resistant. The control panel equips with all possible features to produce and control all functions without bending it on. The air bubble wash phenomenon is something new and easy procedure to protect the laundry touching and smashing the inner diamond tub. This gives a clean and smoother wash without stretching and tangling.

The special care of it for the silk fabrics feature stands out in the massive crowd. The silk fabrics are prone to damage and tear especially when we use them in fully automatic washing machines. Here you see special treatment of them and you get a dedicated wash function to deal with the silk clothes.

Six Wash Programs

It comes with normal six washing programs. You can customize your wash as per your need and desire. Like, the delicate laundry should go via delicate washing program.

Bubble Wash

This is something new and we really count these features very high. The machine produces millions of bubbles which go through the clothes and teases the stubborn and hard stains to get washed. You get your hardest flimsy, oily stains removed using this feature.

3D wash-system

You wouldn’t see this feature in any top-loading washing machine. You see water motion in three directions. This helps the laundry soaks very well and the laundry which remains in the surface come up again.

Silk Specific Care

The silk fiber is prone to damage very fast. We see the silk garments manufacturer always advise the customer to manually wash them. Here using the IFB washing machine, you get like a gentle and clean washing without any damage.

Voltage Fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations are something hard to cope with. We see power-cuts here in India more than often. This feature makes you handle the power fluctuation by the machine itself. You are not required to have a dedicated stabilizer to control the flow of constant voltage.

Time Delay Function

This feature helps you to schedule your next washing session between 30 minutes to 24 hours. Like, you are not at home and stepping out for something important. Schedule the wash cycle ignition 2 hours. After two hours the machine automatically starts and does the job without any assistance.

Aqua Energie

You can call it a heater. This is a heater with some additional feature to cater to your heating water needs and supplies. We have been witnessing how the hard water takes our energy and we see maximum power consumption. Here with aqua energy, the hard water will be treated differently, and you see power savage without spending any extra money.


You see in the fully automatic machine the detergent wastes a lot. You cannot control this in most of the fully automatic machine. Here, the manufacturers have to build a different method to cope with. The ball Valve technology saves your detergent, as detergent drained with water, the ball valve stops it moving with the water out.

Crescent Moon Drum

The smooth crescent moon like grooves on the drum surface, you can say it the laundry would not be smashing the inner drums anymore.

The Final Thought

If you really want to experience something new with lots of advanced features, these products deserve a shot. The IFB washing machine does not cut off any useful feature just to lower down the price. All have been provided at their fullest throttle.

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