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LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

I want to purchase a brand-new washing machine but do not know what fits my need? Yes, many users come on the World Wide Web with the same intentions. We are here to help you with the latest offering of the top electronics brand- LG. This brand just released its products in Indian markets and are getting praise from everywhere in the country. Just see this LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, and read if it suits your need and requirements.

You should always buy advanced gadget features up-to-date technology and components. This helps to know the use of the latest products and you get in touch with the latest offerings. The mentioned product has been integrated with the cutting edge technology and other features. You see the rat-away technology, spin-shower, and lint collector features. Yes, these little features really create a difference and help the product ct getting a larger life span to compare to the expected.

Let’s see the key features and their functions.

Key features

  • It comes with 3mm high quality plastic body with Rat-away chemical
  • Traditional look
  • 6.5 KG capacity
  • Water selector to enter water into a washtub or spin tub
  • Wash timer to help washing clothes for a specified time
  • Wash selector to help to customize the washing accordance the type of fiber
  • Drain selector to exit the water
  • Spin timer to remove moist from cloths
  • Semi-automatic machine
  • 350Watt Wash motor
  • 250Watt spins motor
  • Transparent Washtub lid


LG has really hit the right chord with this latest offering 6.5kg semi-automatic washing machine. Here in Indian, in this average price, it is the first time; we get to see this range of features. You notice nothing special in the design. It would be safe to call it a traditional looking sober washing machine with advanced features and functions.

You get here to two separate sections adjacent in one body. The wash tub and the spin time, formerly used to actually wash away the dirt from the cloths, the later used to dry them. The power chord has been given on the back of the machine; it is almost near the wheels. The placement and the position could have been different than this, as we almost touch the ground to plug-in.

The body is made of plastic; LG claimed the thickness of 3.3 mm with Rat-away technology. They also claim that rats or any other insects would not come by your machines, hence any chance to make a hole under the machine.

On top of the machine, you see four different buttons to control washing and drying with one water selector option. The water selector help pour water in the wash tub and drying tub. You can use other options as well to fine-tune your washing and customize them accordance the type of clothes you are washing.


This is the performance what made the LG washing machine the top-selling electronics gadget in India. The product produces an optimum performance to fine-tune the washing clothes. The options are handy and help you boost the washing performance without any hiccup.

You can use the wash Selector to get the desired type of washing. You got an expensive exquisite set of clothes and you are very careful about its washing. Put it in the washing tub and set the washing selector to Gentle. In this way, you get a targeted and customized washing of your expensive clothes without any damage or marks.

The drain selector option helps you exit the water what you do not want to use for the next iteration of washing. In the same way, the soak wash timer helps you to soak the cloths into the water for a set period of time. The detergent box hanging on the inner wall of the Wash cabin will help the detergent mixing in the water by itself. You can get it done by manually mixing detergent in water.

In the Wash Tub, you see the intuitively designed roller jet Pulsator. The design of this Pulsator is something unique to mention. It comes with punch three features; this helps the washing machine out to fetch the dirt in better ways.


The machine comes with dozens of useful features which are difficult to imagine in the range of mentioned price.

Roller Jet Pulsator

The uniquely angled and designed roller jet Pulsator with three punch features help the gadget to produce a better range of performance. It spins with 1300 rpm speed, the higher the speed, faster and greater the washing experience.

Three different wash programs

You get three different wash programs. You choose any three by using the simple button as per your accordance and requirements with the cloth type.

Rat-away Technology

The plastic of this washing machine has been mixed with rat-away chemicals. This is a proven way rate-repellent chemical, you would not get any rat nearby your machine.

Collar Scrubber

Yes, now with this LG Washing machine, you are not required to scrub the collars and cuffs manually. The integrated collar scrubber helps you boost the washing performance.

Lint collector

You would not see fiber stuck in the pipes and roller jet. This collector collects the fiber and you get them removed when it filled out.

Wind Jet Dry

You have no need to worry about drying clothes using the drier. The semi-automatic machine uses the natural air flow to squeeze the cloths to remove water from them.

The Final Thought

We would highly recommend purchasing this machine for 2-3 family members. For bigger families, you can have other options. The washing machine is equipped with all intuitive features and options; you love to have this machine at your doorstep.

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