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LG 7.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Do you want to purchase a washing machine? And are confused even after reading reviews and asking friends? Yes, we get confused when we see loads of options with almost the same features and functions in every product. Here we are with a perfect option to solve your problem. You may not know LG has finally released its finest washing machine series front runner in the Indian market very first time.

We were really disappointed by the local brand’s performance and looking for some international brands with excellent features and functions. LG 7.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has every single feature what could be in a top-leading international washing machine brand. You name a feature; it will already be made available by LG. Just point of time, you do not know the features and specification of this model; we are here to give you a quick insight about it.

Key Features

  • Wind Jet Dry to dry clothes iron and wear
  • Rat Away Technology keep away rats and other insects
  • Roller Jet Pulsate increases frictions for removing dust
  • 3 wash programs for a customized washing experience
  • The lint collector collects the fibers come out from the washing clothes
  • Collar scrubber
  • Magic wheels for 360-degree mobility
  • Capacity 7KG (2-3 members’ family)
  • Higher RPS 1300, Expedite the drying time

Design and Performance

You would love to see this sober designed LG manufacturer washing machine 7KG capacity. Semi-Automatic machines equipped with cutting edge technology are something anew hitting the Indian markets.

LG would not be an unknown brand in the Indian market, trustworthy and famed one. The inverter and directive drive technology used, to sum up; this washing machine produces optimum based speed. When we see the normal machines with a general motor designed, they get a fixed load and operate accordingly. Here with the Inverter technology, you get the speed in accordance with the load in the machine.

LG’s front runner integrated with 3mm plastic cover. The plastic is not mere plastic; this has been mixed with some Rat Away technology which not only repels the rats but the other insects to get into the washing machines. This Rat Away technology will ensure no harm done to the washing machine, indirectly having the overall performance and durability.

The Dashboard of the machine displays easy to access various washing and customized options. On the very left-hand side, you get the water selector, with two options. Get this selector customized accordance the load and requirements. The second in the lane comes the wash timer, set the timer after one repeating it gives you a beep sound to inform the circulation has been concluded. After that, it enters into the second loop automatically, gets your preferences right. The third in the same lane the wash selector, this option avails you the three types of washing.

  1. Gentle
  2. Normal
  3. Strong

You see if the clothes are stinking, you must go with strong options. At this, the machine produces the highest level of performance as per the provided load. The third option comes with the drain selector, you can use the drain option to exit the water safety. If you want to fill the block with water, must opt with the Wash-Rinse. Now, we come at the drier the second adjacent black of the LG washing machine.


It is really surprising to mount this immense of features and functions in a normal washing machines. It is a hands down steel in the asked price range.

3 Wash Programs

LG has come up with something intuitive with the three wash programs. The user now can get the right use of the machine with the customized washing options.

Lint Collector

The Lint collector has given a new life to the durability of the machines. We get to see the little fibers which usually come out while washing jammed the roller jet of the machine, using the Lint collector we see the fibers collecting and giving better performance.

Collar Scrubber

It’s a fact, the collar and cuffs of the clothes washed out using machines don’t clean. LG come up with a cooler scrubber feature which scrubs the color and cuffs to save your time. As most of the time, we get to clean them manually.

Wind Jet Dry

LG ensures the users get completely dried clothes after they concluded the washing. The cloths will be dried 30/40% faster than the normal drier integrated into the washing machines. You need to read the user manuals before using this section of the washing machines and do not open the Wind jet dry section while drying.

360-Degree Mobility

The wheels integrated the machines offer the on-the-go feature. You just push this with slight pressure and corner it after concluding your washing.

The Final Thought

If you ask me, LG 7.0 KG semi-automatic washing machine comes with all advanced and customized option required while washing clothes. Cutting the edge technology, handy options, faster drier, and mobility make it stand out in the crowd.

And you will have to sum up the machines by yourself; no amazon guys would help you assemble this, which is annoying. The machine is awesome and really a good add-on to your gadgets.

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