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Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

The washing machine market is full of the dozens of international brands, competing for a shoulder to shoulder. We see Samsung washing machine, LG washing machine, and Panasonic. These all brands are top-rated and has following in India as well as internationally. When we see build-quality, functionality and advanced features, Panasonic somehow sweeps all others from the roots.

We see Panasonic brands working fantastically in India and International market. Even on the biggest shopping portal, Amazon, Panasonic products are top-selling. If you have a tight budget in hand and wanted to purchase a good quality washing machine, just have your hands onto this, Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi-automatic Top loading washing machine. This has been crafted by to produce optimum performance consuming the lowest energy and water. Let’s see other features of the product.

Key Features

  • Weight capacity of 6.5 KG
  • Two wash programs
  • Rust free Body
  • Uniquely designed soak cycles
  • Powerful Aqua Spin shower ensures exit dirty water with a continuous shower of fresh water at the center of the tub
  • Lint collector
  • High-ended durability
  • Rat-cover makes sure no rats could enter into machine’s motor
  • Circulation speed 1320RPM
  • Impeller wash technology
  • Smart power saving


Panasonic 6.5kg Semi-automatic washing machine has come up with dozens of powerful washing features and specification. By having this machine in your house, you would no longer need any dryer or such kind of gadget. Fully capable washing machine with a power-oriented dryer does their job quite impressively. Though you could say, one should grab the local product or at least Indian? We should always opt with powerful and performance oriented machines.

The design is equally good. You get two wash programs and a total of three buttons. You could use the pre-soak feature and then automatic initiation of the washing. Though, the children care feature is available in Panasonic products but not with this mode. The fully automatic washing machines of the same brand are also equipped with the children to care features. You get rat cover, sturdy design, great build quality, sober color scheme, and easy mobility.


Yes, performance is Panasonic’s hallmark. With this product, no exception demanded. Here as well you acquire all features, support, and function what Panasonic has to offer to its users? The top spinner lets you dry out even the bigger and harder fiber clothes at your home. You get blankets, curtains and other harder clothes cleansed using the machine with no issue at all.

The aqua spin shower lets you wash your clothes and drainage dirty water automatically. You have no need to manually drainage the dirty water at all. By using the option, get cleaned water in the tub, and exit the dirty with just one tap. This comes with impeller washing technology; this tech helps out the better washing and sheen cleansing.


Either it is the semi-automatic or fully automatic, Panasonic has come to offer unique features and functions what other leading brands are lacks of. You get all cutting edge features under one-floor exercise other household tasks along with carrying out the washing.

Enhanced Load Capacity

With this Panasonic 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine you get enhanced load capacity, thus you get your clothing tasks done in a shorter span of time. Rather spending the entire day in just washing and drying, has this machine, and get it done within minutes.

Spin Shower

You might not be able to witness this feature in any of the leading brand’s washing machines. This is a continuous flow of fresh water so that the traces of detergents from the clothes could get away. This water shower comes from the center of the tub and drainage of dirty water continues, resulting in sheen and cleaned clothes. Have detergent free clothes using this feature of the top-international washing machine brand.

Pre-soaking Clothes

You get a timer, pre-soaking on the top of the machine, the second switch along with the wash programs. This helps your clothes to get a pre-soak so that you could carry out the washing in better ways. It is proven that if you just soak the dirty clothes in water for a few minutes, for detergents it becomes easier to remove the hardest stains. After the specified time span, the machine gets an automatic initiation with no manual switching.

Affordable Price

Yes, the machine with this range of features and functions come in hand at the lowest price is something difficult to digest for a user. There are no middlemen here; you get the products directly from the manufacturer, no advertisement and the stuff, which sucks up large chunks of money.

Durable Plastic Body

Panasonic this offering has great built quality and design. The manufactures used quality plastic material to sum up this design. You get two years overall build warranty and five years motor warranty, which shows the manufacturers trust on the product.

Easy to Use

You get dozens of useful features in hand in such a cheapest range of price. All functions and features are accessible with no hassle. The machine needs no expertise to install it and make it run. By yourself, a person can sum it up and make it enable to carry out the washing and cleansing within few minutes. Just put on the rat cover at the bottom of it, inject the outlet pipe and you are all set for the first washing.

The Final Thought

The Panasonic is a famed name in the electronics world. This brand has done a fantastic job in building and crafting such an amazing washing machine at this price range. If you ask me about having this machine, a complete go-ahead from my side, this is a hands-down choice for normal users of 2-3 member family.


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